Help information for workshop customers

If you want to check your work orders, you can do it without entering the system, just click on the "Work Orders" option in the menu bar and then enter the phone number you registered in the workshop.

When you see your work order(s), you can view the information on the screen or print it using your browser's print option. (See Printing Suggestions below on this page).

The information query will open in a new tab or window, so when you finish you can close it to return to the main screen of the system.

Printing Suggestions

When you select an order to print it, it is displayed on a new page with only the information that will be printed. On this page you can review this information and in case you require any modification, close that page to go back and make the necessary modifications. If the information is ready to be printed, choose the "Print" option in your browser, where you can configure the page with different options such as Vertical, Horizontal or different scale printing. The options available depend on the browser you are using..